Thursday, December 23, 2010

Open All Night

Jon arranges a very special Christmas celebration for Cate, one which indulges her fetishes.  Several of them.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Jon's Journal - Continued

It started as a little one-off writing exercise I completed for a challenge, but I had so much fun with it I decided to continue. 

Follow what's going on inside Jon's head as he tries to deal with business, parenting, love, life, and loneliness on the road.  His thoughts are often random and frequently amusing.  "Written" by Cate's sexy, stubborn, silly mate.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Cookin'

A little biscuit in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, prepared for a Fictionista Feast....

Cate's in the kitchen cooking up something special for Jon's homecoming.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mischief Night

Things get scary the night before Halloween.

Cate is exhausted from an unexpected weekend workday and bows out of attending a party with Jon.  Upset that she won't get into the Halloween spirit with him, Jon goes anyway and finds a drinking buddy to help him celebrate the holiday.  Cate must come to Jon's rescue once again, and ends up involved in a little Mischief of her own.

This one is a little more than a biscuit; it ended up being a four-chapter short story.  Read it here or click the link on the sidebar.

Jon's Journal

A little one-off writing exercise I completed for a challenge.

Life from Jon's perspective, as a husband, father, businessman, philanthropist, musician, and international sex symbol, on the road in South America.  Of course nothing comes easy.

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Strangers in the Night

Temptation with a twist.

Jon is grumpy and lonely after weeks on the road away from Cate.  After a concert in Brazil, the most beautiful woman Jon has ever seen comes strutting into the hotel bar.  Will he resist or submit to his desire?

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Just Older

Poor Jonny.  Midlife crises suck.

Jon is thrown for a loop by an unexpected event, making him realize he's not as young as he used to be.  It's up to Cate to convince him he's still the most desirable man on the planet, especially to her.

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Need You Tonight

The first Jon & Cate follow-up "biscuit."

Weary and wounded from their demanding professional lives, Jon and Cate meet for a brief moment of respite in a cozy winebar.  What they share is more than just a bottle of wine and conversation...

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Stick to Your Guns

This is the one that started it all. 

To prepare for a leading-man role as a federal agent for his new movie, Jon goes to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to see how real agents are trained.  There he meets his personal instructor, Cate, a veteran agent who is all business.  As they work side-by-side Jon grows increasingly attracted to this strong, beautiful woman, and Cate struggles to maintain her professionalism and overcome her past as she finds herself falling for the Rock Star of her dreams.  

Both Jon and Cate realize they lead very different lives that have by fate or Karma somehow intersected for an incredible two weeks.  But when their time together is through, will Jon be able to leave Cate behind?

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The Jon & Cate Chronicles

A funny thing happened.

After nearly a year of writing I finished my first story, Stick to Your Guns. What was originally intended to be a few-chapter short story somehow grew into a full-fledged novel. When I wrote the final word and posted the last chapter I vowed it was time to move on from Jon and Cate. Their tale had been told; it was time to let them live their lives in peace.

Then I realized I missed them. I started to think about what their lives must be like, two strong-willed high-achievers starting over together, trying to figure out how to balance careers and relationships and families and life. I knew their story wasn't over, but I wasn't ready to commit to another epic saga.

So I decided to just write a scene, just a few paragraphs to satisfy my Muses and get the idea out of my head. One scene was followed by another, and another... well, you get the idea.

What resulted is a collection of short stories, little moment-in-time "biscuits" in which we peek into the chaotic, romantic, and occasionally humorous world of Jon and Cate. I've collected them here for your reading pleasure.

Any future Jon and Cate visits will be announced and linked in this blog.